Pera Solutions is a platform that helps you to have all you need !

Multiple product sources, Distribution channels, Additional modules to control and increase your business...

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An easy product input and control ? We are building something exactly like that.

Hotel B2B

We will see each other very soon. Meanwhile you can think what features would you like to see here

Pera Content

Pera Content allows you to have all the product details in a single platform including product photos, hotel/room level mapping, product informations and many more. All the details will be stored on Pera Content servers.

With Pera Content;

  • You will be having all supplier product and room level mapping. You can store these data on your servers or Pera Content servers, all is up to you.
  • Pera Content provides multilanguage product informaitons through Pera Bridge responses or directly from Pera Content servers.
  • With high resolution photos ? Yes they are here too.
  • Do you need more features ? Why you dont tell us what do you need more ? Please contact us...

Pera Bridge

Being able to have multiple suppliers in a single API ? Or buyers in a single distribution channel ? Then Pera Bridge is what you are looking for. You just need to find suitable buyer/seller for your business and let Pera Bridge knows once you completed business agreement between yourself.

Pera Bridge is a Hub system that allows you to reach suppliers or clients via one single api interface. If you are a clients, its good that you do not need to deal with many different api interfaces.
If you are a supplier, you do not need to wait for weeks/months for integrations, Pera Bridge will be enabling your api in a week time.

With Pera Bridge;

  • You can access to product of suppliers in a single API. This will not be taking more than 1 day.
  • All you need to do is that just display the results on your website. Pera Bridge will be taking care of the rest for you.
  • Configuring results on hotel/room level features such as room grouping, policies, board bases, payment types...
  • No more mapping ! You can use your own hotel codes for any supplier with the Pera mapping.
  • If you are a seller and once your API integrated by Pera Solutions, you can access the distribution of Pera Bridge in a week time.
  • There are optional fileds that you may be using in order to configure your speed or content. It is your decision.
  • Want to learn more ? Welcome to the Pera Bridge's world ! Please contact us...


Are you having problems with high searches ? Or do you do not know which hotel may be better for your clients ? Will you make a reduction and are you lost in details ? Most of the people are having similar questions and problems during last few years; High searches, unnecessary stored datas, being lost in the details...

With Pera Optimization;

  • Pera Solutions will give you advices to reduce your searches. In other words reducing your costs.
  • All your statistics will be saving by Pera Optimization layer in order to analyze them together.
  • You can access your data via Google Big Query, PowerBi or Pera Statistic Api as dynamic fields do you need. Or you can store them all on your servers.
  • You will be getting frequently advices by Pera Solutions in order to increase your profits and sales and these details will be shared with only you.
  • Do you need more assistances ? Just ping us...

Flight B2B

We will fly soon ! would like to have a seat and enjoy the view ? Stand by for a while...

Pera Office

Do you need to control your business and sales even through hotel level margin ? Pera Office is very extended back office system that you can do whatever you imagine.

With Pera Office;

  • As a must you can check your api performance such as speed, errors, rq/rs logs...
  • Combined markups as country/city/checkin/nationality/stay long/... ? Yes it is possible. You can reach very tiny points to play with markups.
  • You can control your agents, creating sub agents, arranging different markups for each one, credit arrangements...
  • Control your own content, mapping and room mappings. You will be able control all your static datas here.
  • Not mentioning ticketing, phone calls, payment controles or reservaiton details functions if you will be using entirely Pera Solutions platform.
  • If you have more ideas, please tell us to do it for you. Lets be in touch...

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